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HOW TO PLAY Dynasty rewards

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DraftKings is excited to present the Dynasty Rewards program to all DraftKings users. Dynasty is a one stop shop for everything from exclusive offers and promotions to once in a lifetime experiences. If you have a DraftKings account, you’re already a part of the Dynasty Rewards Program and on your way to higher tier status!  If you don’t have a DraftKings account you’ll be automatically enrolled when you sign up so you can start earning rewards right away.

Dynasty Members earn Crowns by playing DraftKings games on Casino, placing wagers with Sportsbook, entering contests on Daily Fantasy, and making purchases on Marketplace.  Users then redeem Crowns for sports bets, Casino Currencies, or exclusive rewards in the Dynasty Store and climb the Dynasty tiers to unlock access to better promotions and exclusive rewards.  This video gets you well on your way to earn on everything so you can redeem for anything.

Where to Find the Dynasty Rewards Program

Dynasty on Mobile

If you’re on a phone or tablet (or if you would like to be, you can download our app here), find the Dynasty tab at the top of the DraftKings casino app homepage next to Casino and Sportsbook. 

By clicking on the Dynasty tab, you will be able to check your current tier status, the Crowns you have available, your progress to achieve the next tier, and any other rules associated with the Dynasty program.  We’ll get into those later but for now, know that the Dynasty tab is your one stop shop for Dynasty rewards.

Dynasty on Desktop

If you're on a computer, you can reach the Dynasty tab through a direct link on the DraftKings Casino homepage, as shown in the image to the right. To the right of the Casino Credits tab, you will find Dynasty.  Click Here to check your current status and all of the fun that can be had while playing Dynasty.

Dynasty Tiers


The Dynasty Rewards Program has five tiers, with each one unlocking access to exclusive rewards, content, promotions, and more. DraftKings users can unlock new tiers by earning crowns, beginning with Bronze, and then moving to Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Onyx.

For more information on these tiers and an in depth look at the benefits accompanying each, check out the  Dynasty Rewards page.

Earning Crowns

You now know the rewards that come with different tiers in the Dynasty Rewards Program, but how do you earn Crowns?

Crowns are loyalty points Dynasty Members earn for playing with DraftKings. Crowns are earned on every wager you place at DraftKings* and are automatically applied to your account.  Crowns are earned based on the amount of money wagered on certain bets.  Rules on earning Crowns can be found in the Dynasty tab by toggling Redeem to Earn.  There you will find the current rates that Crowns can be earned at across Casino, Sportsbook, Daily Fantasy, and Marketplace!

*Some wagers are not eligible to earn Crowns. These include: wagers made on Casino Craps; and sportsbook wagers at less than -1000 odds (e.g. -2500).

The Dynasty Rewards Rules & Policy page spells out any other exclusions that apply to earning and redeeming Crowns, as well as anything Dynasty.

Redeeming Crowns

Crowns can be redeemed for a number of exciting things including DK Dollars, Casino Credits, Daily Fantasy Sports contest entries, or items and experiences available in the Dynasty Rewards Store.  Learn how to redeem Crowns for DK Dollars here. This resource shows how to redeem Crowns for Casino Credits.  If you’re looking to enter a Fantasy Sports contest using Crowns, use the ‘Enter with Crowns’ option as shown here.  Finally, the Dynasty Rewards Store has thousands of items or experiences that can be bought via Crowns!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I opt in to Dynasty Rewards?

A:  By playing DraftKings games you are automatically enrolled in the Dynasty Rewards program and will automatically earn Crowns.  DraftKings offers Dynasty Rewards to reward loyal users for their play, giving them access to exclusive offers and perks when playing.  If you want to be excluded from the Dynasty Program, you must contact and terminate your DraftKings user account.

Q:  What is a Crown accrual boost?

A:  Achieve Silver status to unlock monthly crown accrual boosts.  The higher your tier, the higher the boost.  At the end of each month, you will receive bonus crowns based on the prior month’s total crowns earned.  If you have Gold status you’re eligible to receive a 20% boost.  If you earn 10,000 crowns in a month, you’ll get a lump sum of 2,000 crowns at the start of the following month.

You’ll receive the accrual boost each month you maintain your Dynasty status at Silver or above.  More information about crown accrual boosts can be found Here.

Q:  How do I check the number of Crowns I have earned and how much I can spend?

A:  On the Dynasty Rewards Homepage you will be able to check both your Crowns Available and your Status Crowns. Crowns Available indicates the total number of Crowns you have available to redeem on DraftKings or in the Dynasty store. Status Crowns indicates the total number of Crowns you’ve earned this year, which is what DraftKings uses to track your progress through the Dynasty Rewards Program.

Q:  What can I buy at the Dynasty Rewards Store?

A:  The Dynasty Rewards Store features thousands of ways for anyone to redeem their Crowns.  Crowns can buy you vacations, electronics, gift cards, appliances, and most anything else.  Check out the selection and see if you can build up the Crowns to buy the perfect prize.  More information on the Dynasty Rewards Store can be found here:  Dynasty Rewards Store FAQ

Q:  What is the best way to earn Crowns?

A:  The easy answer here: to each their own.  Crowns can be earned on almost anything DraftKings*.  Whether you’re looking to try out DraftKings new Ride the Rocket, place a futures bet on your team winning the World Series, or build a dream team playing Daily Fantasy contests, you’ll be earning Crowns while you play.  Check the Dynasty Rewards Homepage for any current promotions or missions that make it easier for you to earn Crowns - the higher the tier, the more contests and promotions you’ll have exclusive access to!

*Dynasty Rewards Rules & Policy

*All gameplay footage is simulated

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Gambling Advice & Strategy Articles

Check out our casino blog for all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to take your gameplay to the next level.