What Are Draftkings Casino Currencies?


What Are Draftkings Casino Currencies?

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Casino promotions award different currencies such as Casino Credits, DK Dollars, Casino Bonus Funds, Crowns, Tier Credits, Sportsbook Rewards, or Physical Prizes.

It is important to check the Terms and Conditions of any promotion that you choose to opt in to. This way, you'll know exactly what type of currency you are playing for, how much of that currency you are playing for, when that currency expires, and how many times you must playthrough it for those rewards to be withdrawable. So that you know exactly what to be looking out for, and what to typically expect with each currency, the below outlines DraftKings Casino currencies.

Casino Credits

Casino Credits are the most commonly awarded type of currency at DraftKings Casino. Some promotions and leaderboards at DraftKings offer Casino Credits just for playing a certain Game or making a certain wager. For example, a promotion may award $5 in Casino Credits that can be used on all Casino Games for playing $10 on any DraftKings Casino Game. Casino Credits must be wagered 1x and potential winnings cannot be withdrawn until played through. There are no restrictions on the funds a customer will receive if their bet wins. If their bet loses, they will not receive any reward. Casino Credits are single-use, non-cashable, non-refundable and cannot be withdrawn. Winnings and original stake generated from wagering of Casino Credits will be transferred to the registered customer’s cash balance at which time they may be withdrawn. In the case that a player has multiple Casino Credits on the same game, the Casino Credits that expire first will be used first. As always, see DraftKings terms and conditions for information and limitations on wagering.

You can find your balance under “My Rewards.” You can switch the automatic use of Casino Credits on and off by going to “My Rewards” and toggling them on/off.

DraftKings Dollars

DraftKings Dollars (or "DK Dollars") may be awarded for playing certain Casino Leaderboards and other promotions. DraftKings Dollars are similar to Casino Credits in the fact that they require a one-time play-through. The difference between Casino Credits and DraftKings Dollars is that DK Dollars can be spent across DraftKings Casino, DraftKings Daily Fantasy, and DraftKings Sportsbook, making them a versatile form of currency.

DK Dollars are site credits that have no cash value and are only valid for use on DraftKings. DK Dollars are used prior to any cash in your balance. DK dollars can not be combined and used together with Casino Credits or Casino Bonus Funds, each must be used independently to make a wager. For example, if you place a wager of $5 DK Dollars on the color red on a Roulette game, and you win, you will receive a total of $10 in cash. Your $5 DK Dollars wager is converted to cash, and you will receive your winnings as $5 cash. There are no restrictions or play-through requirements on winnings earned from DK Dollars.

Casino Bonus Funds

Casino Bonus Funds are promotional funds subject to wagering and play-through requirements.

The Bonus Funds' play through requirements must be completed, in full, before the expiration date of the Bonus Funds as laid out in the terms & conditions of the offer. Failure to complete the play-through requirement will void the award. This will result in forfeiture of any wagered and lost portion of the Original Deposit, Casino Bonus Funds, and any accumulated winnings. DRAFTKINGS CASINO GAMES CONTRIBUTE TOWARD THE PLAY-THROUGH REQUIREMENT AT DIFFERENT CONTRIBUTION RATES. Not all DraftKings Casino games contribute equally to the play-through requirement, and some games do not contribute at all. Game availability varies by jurisdiction. For a full breakdown of contribution rates on Casino Bonus Funds, check out the Casino Education Hub guide on DraftKings Play-Through Requirements.Contribution rates are at the sole discretion of DraftKings and may be updated at any time. There may be certain restrictions per jurisdiction. Note that Casino Bonus Funds cannot be used on DraftKings Sportsbook.

To track your available funds in each DraftKings Casino currency, simply navigate to the My Account page on your device to see the balances.


Crowns can be earned across all of DraftKings platforms. Whether you prefer Casino, Sportsbook, or Daily Fantasy Sports, Crowns are a type of currency you may be awarded in each! When taking part in certain Casino promotions, you can earn Crowns by playing select Table Games, Slots, or Live Dealer Games, per the specific promotion’s terms and conditions. Players can redeem Crowns for DraftKings Dollars, Casino Credits, DraftKings Merchandise found on the DraftKings Shop, gift cards, and more.

Check out the Help Page on Crowns to learn how you can earn Crowns playing with DraftKings. Your Rewards Page can be used to redeem Crowns for Casino Credits and check your Crowns balance!

Tier Credits

Tier Credits are a form of player loyalty points. Individuals with an active and valid DraftKings account created and maintained pursuant to the applicable Terms of Use will be automatically enrolled in the Program and eligible to earn Tier Credits, subject to any requirement for eligibility set forth herein (such individuals, “Users”). A User’s eligibility for the Program and their Tier Credits balance may be revoked or modified by DraftKings at any time, for any reason or no reason. The provision, duration, value, and/or revocation of Tier Credits may be modified at any time in DraftKings’ sole discretion. Tier Credits will be automatically credited to the User’s Tier Credit balance. Tier Credits accrue on a fractional basis; however, a User’s Tier Credit balance will only display the total Tier Credit amount as a whole number (rounded down). Tier Credits balances expire and reset to zero (0) annually on January 1. Users may view their Tier Credit balance at any time on any DraftKings site, easily found below Users' Tier Status on DraftKings Dynasty. The rate at which Tier Credits are accrued varies based on contest, wager, bet type, entry fee, or purchase price. The accumulation of Tier Credits does not entitle Users to any vested rights with respect to any Rewards.

Sportsbook Rewards

Some Casino promotions award currencies that can only be used on DraftKings Sportsbook such as Profit Boosts or Bonus Bets. To learn more about DraftKings Sportsbook currencies and promotions, see the Bonus Bets and Sportsbook Promotions page.

Physical Prizes

When taking part in Casino promotions, you may occasionally be rewarded with physical prizes. If you qualify for a physical prize you will receive an email to claim your prize within 3 business days (72 business hours) from the end of the promotional period. Physical prizes cannot be exchanged unless otherwise specified. These physical prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the end of the relevant promotional period.

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Now that you know the Casino currencies, it’s time to play, earn, and enjoy DraftKings Casino!

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Gambling Advice & Strategy Articles

Check out our casino blog for all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to take your gameplay to the next level.