What are DraftKings Casino Currencies?

At DraftKings Casino, cash isn’t the only currency. Many promotions and offers award different currencies such as free credits, DK dollars, crowns, free sports bets, or casino bonus funds.

What are Free Credits?

From time to time you may be offered free credits just for playing a certain game or making a certain wager. For example, you may get $5 in free credits for DraftKings Blackjack just for playing $5 on a casino game. Free credits can only be used to play on the Casino game they’re valid for, so these $5 hypothetical free credits could only be wagered on DraftKings Blackjack.

What are Global Free Credits?

Global Free Credits are just that...global! If you are granted Global Free Credits, you can use them on any game you like, with the exception of Live Dealer and Craps. You can find your balance under “My Rewards.” Unlike free credits, you can switch the automatic use of Global Free Credits on and off by going to “My Rewards” and toggling them on/off. 

What are DK Dollars?

DK Dollars can be won and are often awarded for Casino Leaderboards. DK Dollars are similar to cash, but they require a one-time play-through. They can be spent across DraftKings Casino, DraftKIngs Daily Fantasy, and DraftKings Sportsbook.

What are Crowns?

Crowns are how we reward our loyal DraftKings players. They can be earned across all three DraftKings platforms simply by placing paid wagers. Players can redeem crowns for DK Dollars, free credits, and other rewards. 

What are Free Sports Bets?

Free sports bets are sometimes awarded just for playing Casino games. These are free bets players can use on DraftKings Sportsbook.

What are Casino Bonus Funds?

Players may occasionally be offered a Casino Deposit Bonus, and the funds can be used to play any Casino game. For more details, check out our Casino Deposit Bonus video and our page that explains everything you need to know about redemption. Note that Casino Bonus Funds cannot be used on DraftKings Sportsbook.

To easily track your available funds in each DraftKings Casino currency, simply navigate to the account balances page on your device. Now that you know all the Casino currencies, it’s time to play, earn, and enjoy DraftKings Casino!