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The DraftKings Casino Blog: All the Casino tips, tricks, and strategies that you need to know.


Keno: How to Play and Why It Has Us Excited About a Mad Yeti


You like games, right? You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. Games and game players come in more forms than we can count, but it’s the love of games that has you reading and that makes DraftKings interested in you as our player. That’s why we try to help you figure out the best way to have fun on our website.

The games we choose to play usually come down to mood. Feeling lazy? Don’t start a marathon. Need a little human interaction? Maybe try Live Dealer games. Annoyed? Maybe take it out on human opponents. Need to relax and have some fun without thinking too much? We have the game for you.

Welcome to Keno. It’s quick, simple to play, offers huge possible wins and requires almost no thinking or strategy whatsoever. Read on to learn all about it.

What is Keno?


It all starts with a card.

A Keno card lists the numbers 1-80 in rows of ten and columns of eight, as shown in the image to the right. While there are multiple variants out there, you can usually choose or have randomly chosen for you anywhere from two to ten numbers.

After you choose your numbers, you indicate how much you’re playing for. Once that’s decided, 20 numbers are selected by a random number generator. The more the randomly chosen numbers match your selected numbers, the more you win (as you can see displayed in the left column of the picture to the right). The more numbers you pick, the higher the potential prizes go because the odds of hitting all ten numbers are a lot longer than the odds of hitting two.

That’s the game. Pick numbers, then see if they hit. It’s not exactly rocket science. It’s more like baseball, with periods of calm interrupted by moments of incredible ecstasy.

Cold hard facts about winning at Keno

There’s some mind blowing math at play that will sneak up on you with Keno. Know how many combinations of twenty numbers there are on an eighty-digit board? Just 3,535,316,142,212,172,000, or three-and-a-half-quintillion more than you probably guessed.

With that many potential outcomes come a lot of possibilities:

  • There’s the possibility to convince yourself some numbers come up more than others, or
  • the possibility that certain combinations come up together more often than random chance would suggest they should, or
  • the possibility some folks out there, looking to make an easy buck, might try to sell you on the idea that they know the secrets to winning at Keno.

The math suggests none of those things are true, so don’t let yourself get fooled into thinking otherwise.

The math also says that with each random draw, the math resets and there’s no such thing as a predictable outcome. It probably feels like a random selection has a better chance of winning than picking all of 1-10, but 1-10 and your spread out selection have the exact same odds. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t buy into that, we respect your right to do as you see fit and we recognize that winning isn’t the only part of a fun experience. It’s fun to pick the numbers that are special to us and try to use them to achieve victory. If there’s a special someone whose birth year or date feels lucky to you, you should absolutely use it. If you’re right about luck influencing your draws, you’ll connect that person with a big win in your mind. If you’re wrong? Your chances won’t be hurt by it.

Mad Yeti Keno


Before we close this up, we have to point out a recent addition to our Keno offerings, Mad Yeti Keno

Being as laid back as Keno is, it can be easy to find an eye or two slowly closing in the midst, so we’ve added a fun layer of animation to help keep your attention on the game. With Mad Yeti Keno, every time you hit a number, you’ll have the satisfaction of smashing a cartoon Yeti in the face with an animated snowball and if the final number drawn by the random number generator matches one of yours, you’ll get a huge payoff, with your winnings multiplied by eight times. Eight is a lot. It’s a lot of fun and that last number bonus really improves the math.

Whether it’s Mad Yeti or some other variety, Keno offers a nice, laid back way to get your game on without having to put too much thought or effort into it. DraftKings has put everything in place for you to play the casino’s simplest game wherever you are. Figure your lucky numbers out and go win some jackpots.

Authored By: Gary Wise