We’ve catapulted all the classic casino games to the 21st Century — and put them right in the palm of your hand. Not sure which game is right for you? Check below for rules, tips, and strategies to help you become a master.



We’ve catapulted all the classic casino games to the 21st Century — and put them right in the palm of your hand. Not sure which game is right for you? Check below for rules, tips, and strategies to help you become a master.


How to Play Roulette

Your best friend’s birthday. Your lucky number. You’re on the 7 train to Seventh St. at 7am. Maybe the 22 hit the last four spins in a row or you haven’t seen a 0 in the last 60 spins. In roulette it doesn’t matter how you choose your numbers - you can bet on some or all of them every single spin. Even though a roulette table can be found on the floor of almost every casino worldwide, many casino customers are unfamiliar with the game and how to play. If that’s you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The one sentence explanation of roulette goes something like this – it’s the casino version of “guess the number I’m thinking of between 0 and 36”. To determine the winning number we use a spinning wheel and let a ball do the work. If you were to bet on only one number and you were correct, you’d win a staggering 35 times your initial wager. In addition to betting on specific numbers “straight up” there are various combination bets that allow you to cover multiple


When a player makes outside bets they are less concerned about the winning number and more focused on the characteristics of the number. Was the winning number high, red and odd? Was it in the first column, even and black? These are the types of wagers that make up the outside bets. While the inside bets have a higher risk/reward ratio, the outside bets tend to win more frequently, but pay less when they win. If you were to make any two outside bets, you would be a sizeable favorite to get at least some of your money back on every roll, and on occasion, you’d win all of your wagers!

The inside and outside bets are named because of their placement on a table to relative to the dealer. The bets closest to the dealer are the inside bets and the ones that require the dealer to reach further are the outside bets. In a land-based casino the player sometimes needs to pass their chips to the dealer to have a bet made. Luckily for you, when you play mobile roulette, all of the bets are within easy reach all the time.


The two types of roulette games are American and European; the games are basically the same and there is no difference in how to play. While European roulette offers players 37 numbers in total and has only one green space on the wheel, American roulette gives the player an additional betting option by adding a green 00 to betting layout and the game.


The tracking board records a living history of the past spins so that you don’t have to! The larger number at the top is the result of the current spin and the numbers move down the board as new winning numbers are selected. Red numbers are represented by, you probably already guessed, red numbers and black numbers are represented in white. While they rarely appear since there are so few on the wheel, green numbers stand out when they are either absent or trending. The tracking board gives you a chance to recognize patterns in roulette results.


The three tracking boards below each display a different trend – can you tell by reading the board what those trends are?


The first board tells us that red has been winning more than twice as often as black. On the second board we see a streak where black won five spins in a row but the streak was interrupted on the last spin by a red 3. On the last board we see that green appeared three times in four spins, which doesn’t happen very often at all. Use the board to see if the trends and patterns continue to happen as you play. While there is no way to know what the next winning number will be, many players have won big by betting on a pattern they see develop while watching the tracking board.


Start with the basics. Play easy bets that you can remember or save your common betting patterns as favorites so you can get your bets out easily before the next spin. By using the favorites feature you can lower the risk missing a winning number that you would usually bet.

Play inside if you want to break the bank. The inside bets will increase you bankroll the fastest when you win, but be careful, not everyone has the patience, or the stomach!

Bet small, bet big or bet $1 on everything just because. You’ve got the table to yourself, might as well enjoy it. Unlike a roulette game on a casino floor, there’s no time pressure to get your bets out before the next spin, so double check your bets at whatever pace you like. Get comfortable; just don’t put your feet up on the chairs.

Have fun while you play. Enjoy your time on the roulette table by experiencing some of our themed roulette games. Cheer for your favorite team while playing Basketball roulette and don’t be scared to check out Spooky roulette on the next Friday the 13th or when the moon is full.

The trend can be your friend. While there is no guarantee a trend of pattern or results will continue, deciphering the trend and betting on it is a fun way to play.

You don’t need Euros to play European roulette. European roulette tables are often times hidden in casino’s high roller rooms but you don’t need a large bankroll to try European roulette at DraftKings. The table minimums on European and American roulette are the same, so pull up a chair and give roulette a spin!