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How to Play Video Poker

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Video poker has existed for only about 50 years, yet it has quickly become one of the most popular casino games. The reason is simple: video poker is easy to learn, has some of the highest odds of any casino game, and involves an element of skill. This all leads to higher chances of payouts, and more fun than a random press and play.

Playing video poker is easy. DraftKings has several versions of video poker to choose from, meaning you can play the most straightforward version, or make things a bit more complex with wild cards or multiple hands. Plus, video poker at DraftKings is just centered around you trying to get the best hand you can; you’re not playing against an opponent, and there are no other humans involved. This means you can take your time, have fun, and play your way.

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Hands and positions in video poker


Video poker uses the same hands and mechanics as five card draw poker. A player is dealt a hand of five cards. They then can choose to keep as few or as many of those cards as they’d like. The cards they choose not to keep are discarded, then randomly replaced. A player doesn’t need to discard any cards or can discard and replace all five cards.

In video poker, there are no dealer hands or opponents to beat. You’re simply trying to make the best hand possible and being paid accordingly.

Video poker uses a typical fifty-two card deck. If you play multiple hands at once, each hand will have its own deck, meaning you can’t count cards based on other hands.

Hands have the same values as a typical five card draw poker game. Which hands are winners, and how well they pay out depends on the game variation. Here are the types of hands, ranked best to worst, in video poker:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind
  • Two Pair
  • Pair of Jacks (or higher - commonly known as “Jacks or better”)

How do you win at video poker?

The easiest way to increase your odds is through some basic strategy. You don’t have control over what cards you are dealt, however, you do have control over the cards you discard and keep. There are some hands you shouldn’t touch when you’re dealt. These are hands that pay well and are extremely difficult to improve. They include: royal flushes, straight flushes, four of a kind, and full houses.

Straights and flushes are also great hands and should only be broken up in one specific instance: if you’re four cards to a royal flush. For example, if you have K, Q, J, 10, 4 — all in hearts — you should discard the 4 in hopes of a big win with a royal flush. The great thing about this move is you still have several opportunities of winning, either by hitting a straight, a flush, a straight flush or a pair of jacks or higher. It’s a calculated risk with potential big upside.

Two pair and three of a kind are solid starting hands. With two pair, discard the fifth card in hopes of a full house. For three of a kind, throw away the two other cards to potentially get four of a kind.

Draw for open ended straights. An open ended straight needs a single card on either end to be completed, such as 6, 7, 8, 9, where a 5 or 10 would both make a straight.

Avoid inside straight draws unless it includes at least three high cards (jack or higher). An inside straight draw has only one card that will complete it. For example: 6, 7, 9, 10, needs an 8 to win. An inside straight hits half as often as an open ended straight, making it not worth the odds.

If you have a single pair of jacks or higher, keep them unless you’re one card away from a royal or straight flush. What is a straight flush in video poker? It’s five cards in sequence that are also of the same suit.

If you have a low pair, keep it rather than a single high card.

Types of Video Poker at DK

With DraftKings, there are all kinds of ways to enjoy playing video poker. What is the best video poker game to play? That depends on your tastes! Play a single hand at a time, or if you prefer, play several hands all at once.

Jacks or better video poker

Want to know how to play video poker jacks or better? This will be the simplest version of video poker. With a single hand and simple rules, this is a great game for video poker beginners. The object of the game is simple: finish with a pair of jacks or better, and you will win. The better your hand, the bigger the payout.

There are bonus and wild card variations as well. Bonus poker typically lets you bet extra to accumulate bonus multipliers. Variations like Joker Poker or Deuces Wild allow you to play video poker with wild cards and increase your chances of hitting a hand.

Triple play

As the name implies, triple play video poker gives you three opportunities to make a winning hand. You’ll be dealt three hands at once, and your starting cards will be the same for all hands, so you can keep as many or as few cards as you’d like. However, each hand then draws replacement cards from a separate deck. This means you’ll be dealt three different outcomes. Since each hand has its own deck, your strategy can remain the same as if you were playing a single hand.

For multiple hand games, you’ll have to make a bet on each hand. So a one dollar bet per hand will be a three dollar total bet.

Five play draw

Five play draw raises the action with five hands at once. Like triple play, you receive only a single deal to begin. The reason? To save you time! If each of your five hands received its own unique deal, you’d essentially be playing five completely separate hands, which will take the same amount of time as playing a single draw five times. However, with a five play draw, you choose your strategy once off the top, then watch it play out five times. This means five times the excitement, every time!

Ten play draw

Ten play draw may not be for everyone, but it’s an adrenaline rush for those who play. Place a bet on each of the ten hands you’ll play—which can add up and become expensive. That can also increase your wins, especially if you’re dealt a great starting hand. If you’re looking for a lot of excitement and it’s within your budget, checkout ten play draw.

Video Poker Bankroll Management

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes bankroll is avoid going over and make last as long you can. whenever choosing a amount, consider how much you’re willing lose. doesn't matter if that number $5 or $5,000—either way, stick with number. you’ve determined your figure out bet amount will extend play. don’t want entire two hands. instead, pick can ride bad streak so have time recover bounce back.

Video Poker Tips and Tricks

The way you play video poker should depend on your style and comfort level. However, if you’re looking for some tips on how to win at video poker, here are a few: Look for jackpots and bonuses. A video poker table with a big progressive jackpot could be a potential upside over other game choices. Read the rules in advance. Some games require you to play the max to win the jackpot.

Compare pay tables. Make sure you’re getting paid as well as you can. Don’t pick long shot jackpots over a good pay table.

Avoid the kicker. A lot of people keep the kicker, thinking that it increases the odds of hitting a pair with it. Ultimately, the odds are best without the kicker, so throw it away.

Don’t chase bad straight or flush draws. For a straight, only take a chance with four cards and an open ended draw. For a flush, you should have four of the same suit and no less. The exception is if you have three cards of a straight flush.

Get into the action, start playing today!

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Gambling Advice & Strategy Articles

Check out our casino blog for all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to take your gameplay to the next level.