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Dollar UP! is one of DraftKings' newest in-house produced games, giving players the feeling of being in an actual Casino as they walk up to a stepper style slot game. While the stepper game’s 3 reels make for a simple experience, there are a number of symbols to be on the lookout for before jumping in, some of them unlocking in-game bonuses for higher payouts!

Game Objective


The objective of Dollar UP! is that of other slots at DraftKings Casino, to spin the reels in the hopes of forming a payline that you bet on before the spin. Unlike some other slot games, Dollar UP! has only 5 paylines, with the amount bet being evenly distributed on each of these lines. Only the highest win is paid per line. In other words, the main decision players have to make before spinning the reels is how much they would like to wager rather than how many paylines they want to wager on.  The bet per line will always be one fifth of the total wager, with only the highest win per line being paid out.

A more similar trait to other slots, Dollar UP!’s differing symbols mean different payouts, so let's take a look at what each symbol represents.

Paylines & Bonuses


See the image for the full Dollar UP! pay table that shows which symbols correlate with different payouts. Look out for the Scatter Symbol that triggers the Cash Bonus discussed later. While playing, you can always brush up on the pay table by pressing the Menu button in the top right corner of the reels.

Cash Bonus


Scatter Symbol

symbols on the third reel will trigger the Dollar UP! Cash Bonus. At that point, the player is brought to the higher half of the board in which they are presented with up to 4 values in the forms of stacks of bills. With between 1 and 4 stacks or values being highlighted, the sum of the 4 values will be multiplied by the total original wager.


Once up to 4 values have been selected, the player is then prompted to take the offered win by pressing “Take Offer” or select ”Try Again” for a new set of values that can be selected. The offered award can be rejected up to 3 times per Cash Bonus, with the third set of values being the final offered win that the player receives if the previous two sets of values have already been rejected. There is also a chance to have one of three multipliers applied to the entire bonus win at the end of the game!

Take me There


Bringing you both the looks and the sounds of your favorite land based Casino Online, DraftKings Casino continues to provide our customers with new top notch, online entertainment.  Whether you have played a three reel slot at your local Casino that reminds you of Dollar UP! or you are being introduced to a new slot machine, remember that you can play Dollar UP! In Demo Mode to get the hang of it before you dive right in.

Play Dollar UP! now. 

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Check out our casino blog for all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to take your gameplay to the next level.

Gambling Advice & Strategy Articles

Check out our casino blog for all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to take your gameplay to the next level.