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How to play Touchdown Blackjack

Touchdown Blackjack combines football and Blackjack, a fun twist on the classic Blackjack game, but with a chance to gain yards and score touchdowns.

If you’d like to learn the game fundamentals of Blackjack before playing Touchdown Blackjack, you can reference the How to Play Blackjack Guide here.

The ways to earn yards, score touchdowns, and kick a field goal are as follows:

• Winning hands will drive you down the field to score.

• More yardage is gained when you double down and split.

• To play, select your favorite team and place your bets!

To play, start by selecting your team. You can choose your favorite city and colors, or you can choose a DraftKings branded squad.

One you have selected your favorite team, place your bets.

The more you win, the more yardage you gain. Want to get to the end zone faster? Doubling down and splitting will get you even more yardage.

If you lose a hand, there are no gains. If you push, there are no gains. If the dealer gets a Blackjack, you will lose yards.

If you score a touchdown, celebrate with the crowd by cheering and planes flying over head!

Finally, kick a field goal to earn your extra point.

And begin the game again!

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